About us

International Centre for Applied Research and Sustainable Technology (ICARST)

ICARST is an international non-profit research organization based in Bratislava Slovakia that was established in the spring of 2011 with a mandate to foster research and development as well as national and international cooperation in the areas of applied research and sustainable technology. ICARST offers assistance and partnership for preparation and participation in R&D projects, educational and knowledge dissemination projects of EC and other international funding organizations. The center draws upon the expertise and years-long experience of the founding members in research and international collaboration.

The center draws upon the expertise of its founding members with more than 30 years-long professional experience in research in chemistry, biotechnology and material science. The center has established a network of associated high level research laboratories in Slovakia and other countries in Europe and worldwide with the goal to offer high quality interdisciplinary research solutions in the fields of chemistry, material science and life sciences.


Jamnického 19

841 04 Bratislava


Phone: +421 2 642 87 125

E-mail: info@icarst.org